Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zidbovinesick-Advancing Tawdry Abstract Theories Against Tradition, Again

Underwater Turnstyle
Plasma Mask Peach
Katrina kaj Anica
Scrap Mask Afro
Tennis Tone Quarter
audio by Zan Hoffman & Ken Clinger
words by Tom Furgas & Ken Clinger

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kenguts - 88

Kenguts is my variation on Clinger's Zanguts technique where he took many of my tapes and edited them together. This recording from 1988 is a funny little history of Ken Clinger's solo work and some free vocal tracks.

Kenandall - Top-Heavy Exaggerations

As the first Kenguts tape for the '90's Top-Heavy Exaggerations is a departure from earlier works. It features 5 pieces, four of them actual songs. This includes the love song "I've got Melissa on my brain" and the warm-feeling "Between Us."

Kenandall - Blatant Insinuation

The fourth installment of the series is Blatant Insinuation with an exciting Mike Stevens cover. Here are more lovely pieces including the superb "Minóy House": "This will be the end of apartment living, this will be the beginning of Minóy House. We can make whoopy all night long!." Inverse Zanatone [ia], Belinda Subraman [de], Barry Edgar Pilcher [uk], No Unauthorized [fr], Croiners [ny], De Fabriek [nl], Dave Prescott [ma] and of course, the mighty Minóy [ca] are all on this tape. Can you possibly handle all this excitement?

Kenandall - Phreedom of Preach

Phreedom of Preach is the 'Ken's famous stories' installment of the Kenandall series. He tells little known details of Lassie and Timmie's Volcano Vacation, a sequel to the Three Little Pigs and the final chapter in the Little Red Riding Hood story. In the latter story, for instance, we find out the little known fact that Grandma's cabin didn't have electricity so Little Red had to use an exercise bike to power her stereo so she could listen to her Brian Ferry records. With the exception of my little hit single "I Hate Drum Machines" featuring Bored Young Men (KC and B. Shraka), none of Ken's keyboards are on this tape. Instead, sound and music are by Doh Matsuura [jp]and the Universal Will to Become [ia].

Kenandall - How to Be Alive in 3 Easy Lessons

The series continues with Agog's favorite Zan classic (against which all other tapes I sent him were subsequently judged!), How to be Alive in 3 Easy Lessons. This has one of my favorite descriptive piece titles ever: "I ate a hogwart's gut to avoid cacophony", plus Dave Prescott's most loved "Kinderkills" and the joyous "Make that a loud smack." This tape, also completed in 1986, includes sounds and voices from CBC3 [ky], ECDM [es], Haters [can], Mike Vargas [md], Mystery Hearsay [tn], Mike Tetrault [md], Robert I. Gillham [uk], If, Bwana [ny] and Zanstones [ky].

Kenandall - Once Again

Arguably the best series I've ever done, Kenandall has mixes which combine Ken Clinger's unique keyboard works with various other networkers' recordings. Once Again starts out the series with John Wiggins' all time favorite Zan hit "Inthesummertimeweerawlgoyntewdie." Recorded in 1986 this tape also features Tuf [jp], Minóy [ca], Der Akteur [de], Mike Tetrault [md], D-syl [ia], Sismoid [fr], John Wiggins [ny], and Onnyk [jp].

Iz Bovine Sick?

Iz Bovine Sick? is the most disturbing release here. This features Ken's keyboards and my crazed readings from Hans Prinzhorn's "Artistry of the Mentally Ill" from the 1920's. This includes the terrifying "She has sold a hoe sale, he jokes."

Zidbovinesick - The Insipid Cow and the Immortal Camel Ingesting Caramels In Cairo

The three Zidbovinesick releases have Ken playing with my sounds and his ideas. These works from 1985-87 seem timeless. This is the kind of recording I'd put in a time capsule to make people in the future really wonder about our civilization!

Zidbovinesick - Insane Situations Ingrained Softly

Zidbovinesick - Imaginary Colors Injuring Callous Intellectual Cattle